Client: Villa Baboushka
Services: Brand Strategy, Interior Design

Villa Baboushka is all about conceptual luxury. From the beginning, the brand dropped the usual suspects of luxury fashion and focused their attention on bringing the up-and-coming Japanese designer, the fresh Italian talent and the quirky, behind-the-scenes British couturier.

In the process, they created a new code of luxury and a new vision of conceptual retail. Our strategy for the brand centered on celebrating the individual, not the designer or the label they put on their garment.

Since its inception, our team has been instrumental in building both the ethos of the brand and its iconic design strategy. The store is built around the story of the memories and emotions shared between a grandmother and her granddaughter. Its a nonstop conversation of visual storytelling, with seven separate rooms that embody different stages of life. In one room, inspired by ages 2 – 5, swings were brought in to express a feeling of joyful play while 120 mannequins hang from the ceiling to represent the girl’s toys.