Client: Roxe
Services: Brand Concept, Visual Identity, Communication Strategy

A new financial world is on the horizon, powered by innovations in blockchain technology. Roxe is one of this new world’s pioneers. Their blockchain infrastructure is transforming how people and businesses exchange value, making it easier than ever to send money anywhere in an instant.

The Roxe team came to us to align the incredible potential of their product with a clear and impactful brand strategy to help direct their future growth. Our work included developing a concise brand concept and formula, building a new visual identity, and creating a full communication strategy to unify their sales and marketing efforts across departments.

Our approach focused on identifying four key brand differentiators, developed after an extensive research process, to anchor the new verbal and visual identity to the core product benefits. That led us to creating a dynamic, flexible system that could grow and adapt as quickly as the company’s network, which now extends across 114 countries.