Client: Italia Online
Services: Brand Strategy, Visual Branding

There is a certain energy and aesthetic Italian designers bring to their craft. Our challenge was to capture that essence in a new identity for one of Italy’s leading digital companies, Italia Online. In the end, what we created was a modern visual language that echoed the spirit of Italy’s design masters while bringing a renewed spirit of fun and excitement to the brand.

When it came to visually representing our concept of ‘La Dolce Digital’, we created a new identity system based around the ‘Italian digital dot’. Our design approach was the result of intensive research into the work of renowned national designers (Vignelli, Grigniani, Munari, etc.), as well as the hallmarks of artistic, industrial, and cultural production that have made Italy renowned as a design destination. Our aim was to create something that walked, talked and looked Italian but felt fully part of the conversation of the current moment.

As a corollary to the brand, a set of 8 emojis – which graphically represent the values and sentiments that inspired the new brand – were created to convey everything the that dot can express: tradition, experience, creativity, dynamism, connection, identity, global/local aspects, and passion. These emojis could be used in limitless ways and across every communication channel, physical and digital, to bring the brand to life.