Client: Holistic Integrative Health
Services: Brand Strategy, Design Strategy

Why is it that whenever we enter a medical facility, the strongest emotion we feel is anxiety? In so many ways, the design of medical centers – in their florescence sterility – seems cold and uninviting. We aimed to flip that paradigm on its head with our work with this Palm Beach medical center.

In the same way that the team at Holistic Integrative Health wanted to change the dynamics of healthcare, with a focus on preventative rather than reactive protocols, we wanted to create a relaxed space that truly reflected the notions of wellness and care. Beyond just being a doctor’s office, this would be a place you’d want to come to because it inspired you to live at your optimum. To express this idea, we built a brand promise of ‘Live Well, Live Active, Live Longer’.

From there, it became about building the design and services that would bring the promise to life. In design, our approach was on evoking the inherent serenity of the natural world, with woods, linens and greenery. In services, we looked for ways to inspire a healthy, active lifestyle – through the unexpected language of travel, food, and movement.