Client: AUrate New York
Services: Retail Strategy, Brand Strategy

The founders of AUrate came to us with strong product designs and a disruptive business model with the task of telling their story in a new, more evocative way.

Driven by a minimalist vision for design and a direct-to-consumer model that was unique to the world of fine jewelry, we created an updated storytelling formula for the company, focused on the perfect balance of emotion and intelligence that defines their ethos.

From there we looked for new ways that story could be expressed in the brand experience. From creative approaches to customer service and visual merchandising to explorations of product strategy, art direction and content planning, we built numerous touchpoints to make manifest their renewed brand promise.

The company has seen incredible success in recent years – revenues grew 200% from 2017 to 2018, the company had nearly 190 press placements last year alone, and they recently launched Curate by AUrate, the first home try-on box in the fine jewelry space.